The Discovery Tracklist

Shaping the Masterpiece

from The Discovery released in 2011 track #8
duration 04:39
I'm ready to go faster
Have you taken your seat
It's time we change things up
And let our impulse be the
Primary attraction
Primary attraction

I'm looking at a disaster
A world that relies on deceit

I've seen the blame at my feet
Allowed the evil to take me
Terminate the beliefs
That this is a masterpiece
We're shaping
Embrace the slave ship

We are the undertakers taking numbers
There is no direction from one another

Life is like a lesson
Can you interpret the truth?
Why put your faith in question
If you can't see whats within you

Take a second to enjoy this
Before it passes right before you

I clearly see why there's no answer for me
Cause I'm falling asleep at the wheel of discovery
Chasing a dream that out runs every being
You look soon enough but you'll never start seeing

The meaning of mischief, the reason we kill
The itch that's inside us to indulge in the thrill

The sound of freedom
Will ring through the air
When we decide to take charge
When we decide to care