A Higher Place Tracklist


from A Higher Place released in 2009 track #12
duration 03:21
We need to agree
I have witnessed an abomination
Filling up the room

Like I should have cared
You know you've been here way too long

Restore what has been done before the end
Factor in the possibility of my life
Give me the reasons to question
The freedoms of life
So I can survive
So I can survive

Don't you ever go out of turn?
Do you ever listen to the answers?
Don't you ever see what's going on?
Restore what has been done
Before the end, it will come down in time

It's all on your side
Show me what gives you strength
We trusted you now how do we proceed?
Reaching out
And receiving tranquility, tranquility
Are you feeling serene?

Though we thought it was all okay
We don't warrant this covenant
The agreement was thin and weak

We need support you can't sustain
You convinced me of everything but the
Words don't reflect my sentiment

You could never hold on
You could never face it