Tomorrow We Die Alive Tracklist


from Tomorrow We Die Alive released in August, 2013 track #11
duration 04:10
We were built with the human condition
To expose the pain you create (no remorse)
No remorse for the weak and the hopeless
This the process of your extraction

Time to start a vengeance
Monsters instilled in us all
On the brink of eruption
The end result of life

Introducing a parallel existence
I want abstraction

We have been given the gift to proceed
So come on
We try to fill in the blanks you're missing
You need to open the door to begin
So come on
Will you be listening in?

The storm has settled
It washed away your fear
We listened, they took us captive
We held on, with our thoughts imprisoned

The blood line has ended
Now your cause sees its effect
Reaction, a little too late for a
Reaction, little too late for a
Enough is enough