I Tracklist


song by Xerath
from I released in May, 2009 track #4
duration 04:28
Casualty is the only question
That should concern our modern time
Not scriptures or stories of majesty
Not interpretive tales of old

Whole lives responsible for nothing
For we haven't been left to be known
The intricacies of the universe
All the reasons to the questions are shown

Only man and man alone
Can make an excuse, an excuse for warfare
Only man can take
Themselves to put the words
Into our minds, into our conscience

There's a thousand ends that never came
But the prophecies remain the same
A matter of history convenience
A story that will never change

missing words spoken
There's no reason, there is no sense
There is no sense

Found in the maze of reality
A sobering reminder that
Our cause needs no instigator
One being a need for a leader
Someone to fill all the needs
Of the many, one to other
A story that will never change