This World Tracklist

Mind Prison

song by FateScorn
from This World released in April, 2012 track #1
duration 03:12
What do you care how many wonders lay dead at our feet
Regarded with suspicion when nothing else was ever earned
We've turned the tables on ourselves
Try to advance but never learn
Promises never met, a biased temperament
Knowledge disintegrates when it all comes crashing down

My only company is walls
You've taken every dream
Now it's starting again, I swear the trust will end
She's the only one that could save me
I know your concrete heaven
A prison for my mind without a star in sight

You can't fix the broken and make them whole again
I'll trust in you to leave me at the bottom
My place in the dust is shallow
I will always remember what I was
Come live one day under these chains

My mind's a feeding ground
It will all end with a whisper as I lose feeling in my face
The clouds open up
I felt the presence of the failure's
Eyes always watching and I know it will never

This is my chance to distance myself from fiction
Our synthetic life was censored, contrived,
No point of reference
This used to mean something
I used to feel something