This World Tracklist


song by FateScorn
from This World released in April, 2012 track #6
duration 04:24
And so the times were changing
The balance was disturbed
And the scale was tipping towards darkness

Running on strong legs exploring like a child
Not from here but born into the wild
The malice from outside - has not reached this realm
But it's the calm before the storm

A touch of human, with markings from beyond
Where will you go, where could you come from little one
Is your blood from this world, do you bleed like us at all
Your presence seems so mighty, and yet you're so small

And so my journey goes on,
Will this be forever
I made a promise and keep it I will,
I will not forget her
The answers I seek from the old
Seem a lifetime away
Inside I shiver,
The cold and the dark will feast on me today