This World Tracklist

My Autumn

song by FateScorn
from This World released in April, 2012 track #7
duration 02:31
I know your face, you were there in my dreams
The answer to my prayers and the echo of my screams
This world is still worth saving but I can't do it alone
I've lost those close to my heart and now I need someone
I don't have all the answers and I don't know what you are
But goodness lies within you and I'm asking you to save us all

I seek for answers can't you see
My rapid growing and the strange words within me
I long to write them I long to feel
I long to speak them, to make them real

A galaxy of images, sounds and words
It's liquid metal flowing through my veins
Power of imagination has put a spell on me
Reality's chains won't set me free

Through the darkness and despairs, love carries them
Forward on swift wings through mazes in front of them
Guided by spirits that remain beside them
He must heal his world again