This World Tracklist


song by FateScorn
from This World released in April, 2012 track #8
duration 03:45
Skin of thorns, a breath of fire
No life comes near it, none feels its desire
A longing for something to ease the loneliness
In these deep enchanted woods, it feeds on emptiness

Who hears you? Who sees you?
Only those who you infect with fear
No equals, a darker part of light
Your only legacy was the pleasant shades of night

I am the last, keeper of the past
Holder of the ancient knowledge
And I have been left back until time is no more
I guard the ruins once fair as sunrise
Now this kingdom is forsaken

Endless ocean, oh mighty deep
A billion years old, and you never ever sleep
Nightmare creatures and playful friends
God's creations or nature's circumstance
Look into the mirror of blue, and you'll see

I will try to survive with anger inside me the future I will never know
I can't waste my time living a lie I will never know
Slaves of fashion looking at mirror all connected like dominoes
Everybody is enjoying a disease of this time and they all think as one